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Windows 10 • macOS • Linux • Raspberry Pi

The ultimate tool for managing your VR porn library.


# Features

  • Automatically match title, tags, cast, cover image, and more to your videos
  • Support for all the most popular VR sites: BadoinkVR, CzechVR Network, DDFNetworkVR, MilfVR, NaughtyAmericaVR, SexBabesVR, StasyQVR, TmwVRnet, VirtualRealPorn, VirtualTaboo, VRBangers, VRHush, VRLatina and WankzVR
  • Supports DeoVR web mode
  • Built-in DLNA streaming server compatible with popular VR players (Pigasus, Skybox, Mobile Station VR)
  • Sleek and simple web UI
  • Browse your content by cast, site, tags, and release date
  • Available for Windows, macOS, Linux (including ARM builds for RaspberryPi)

# Download

The latest version is always available on the releases page.

App is also available in form of Docker image, which makes it possible to run in more specialized environments such as QNAP NAS - downloads at Docker Hub.

To run this container in docker:

docker run -t --name=xbvr --net=host --restart=always \
   --mount type=bind,source=/path/to/your/videos,target=/videos \
   --mount source=xbvr-config,target=/root/.config/ \

Adding -d to the docker command will run the container in the background.

In docker, your videos will be mounted at /videos and you should add this path in Options -> Folders.

Please note that during the first run XBVR automatically installs ffprobe and ffmpeg codecs from ffbinaries site.

# Quick Start

Once launched, web UI is available at

Before anything else, you must allow the app to scan sites and populate its scene metadata library. Click through to Options -> Scene Data and "Run scraper". This can take several minutes to complete. Wait for it to finish, and then go to Options -> Folders and add the folders where your video files are stored.

When it's all done, you should see your media not only in web UI, but also through DLNA server in your favourite VR player.


# Questions & Suggestions

Ask your questions and suggest features on Discord.