# Development

# On your own machine

Make sure you have following installed:

  • Go 1.17
  • Node.js 12.x
  • Yarn 1.17.x
  • air (run go get github.com/cosmtrek/air outside project directory)

Once all of the above is installed, running yarn dev from project directory launches file-watchers providing livereload for both Go and JavaScript.

# Development in Gitpod

This project is configured for use in Gitpod. It will provide you with a pre-built development environment with all the tools needed to compile XBVR.

When the workspace loads, yarn dev runs and it will build and start XBVR automatically. Every time you make a change to a file, watchers will automatically compile the relevant code.

Once XBVR is compiled and starts, a preview panel will open in the IDE. As you modify go files, the preview panel will reload with the latest changes. If you make changes to Vue, you'll need to reload the browser to load the updated JavaScript.

Currently, it's only possible to test XBVR core and Browser applications using Gitpod. Because DLNA requires a local network, you won't be able to connect to the DLNA server running in Gitpod. For most people, this is fine.

sqlite3 is included in the terminal. The XBVR database is located at /home/gitpod/.config/xbvr/main.db

sqlite-web is also included. To browse the db, you can run sqlite_web /home/gitpod/.config/xbvr/main.db.

Gitpod has GitHub integration and, once authorized, can fork this repo into your account, push/pull changes, and create pull requests.

Ready to get started?

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